Dr. Paul Brody Foot Specialist Doctor

Meet Dr. Paul Brody

Dr. Paul Brody, D.P.M. was born and raised in Wilmette, Illinois. He received a B.S. in pharmacy from University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1978, where he was a member of the Rho Chi Honor Society. Following his undergraduate education at Wisconsin, Dr. Brody returned to Chicago where he continued his studies and earned a secondary degree in pharmacy. He worked part time as a pharmacist while he supported himself through podiatry school. He completed his Doctorate in Podiatric Medicine (D.P.M.) in 1982 from the Illinois College of Podiatric Medicine.

Upon graduating, he moved to Southern California to complete both his first and second year residency training at the Southern California Podiatric Medical Center in Los Angeles, associated with USC Medical Center. During his training he began volunteering at the Baja Crippled Children’s Project. This clinic was run on the weekend, outside of his residency. As a second year resident he took charge and ran the program on the weekends. Many of the conditions he treated were children with clubfeet among numerous other deformities of the foot and ankle.

He then went on to obtain his board certification in foot surgery from the American Board of Podiatric Medicine, which is still active. After completing the boards, Dr. Brody started his private practice in Pacific Palisades. He later moved his practice to Culver City. His main office remains in Culver City where his practice has thrived for 30 years on referrals and his ability to ensure each and every patient receives relevant information and professional care. He has several other practices in the Los Angeles area.

In 2005, Dr. Brody began working at Culver City Surgical Specialists, a Joint Commission accredited Medicare certified freestanding ambulatory surgery center. Besides performing foot and ankle surgery, there are many other specialists on staff at Culver City Surgical Specialists. With the center located in the same building as his main Culver City office, Dr. Brody can personally ensure patients receive the most state of the art treatment and are taken care of at every step of their recovery.

Dr. Brody expanded his practice in 2017. He is now licensed in Nevada. He opened two new offices in Nevada. Please call our office to inquire about appointments 702-620-3103. He has active privileges at a local ambulatory surgery center in Nevada for any patients who may need a surgical consultation.

Curriculum Vitae
Personal Background
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
Marital Status: Married

College Education
University of Wisconsin- Madison, Wisconsin, 1973-1978
Degree: B.S. Pharmacy
Honors: Member, Rho Chi Honor Society

Professional Education
Illinois College of Podiatric Medicine, Chicago, Illinois, 1978-1982
Degree: Doctor of Podiatric Medicine D.P.M.

Residency Training
First year residency (associated with USC Medical Center, California)
Second year residency (associated with USC Medical Center, California)

Reconstructive surgery of the foot and leg for neurovascular disorder
Reconstructive surgery of the foot and leg for pediatric deformities

Conservative management of pediatric foot deformities
Conservative management of adult foot deformities
Baja Crippled Children’s Project

Our Team


Las Vegas Office

Dr. Brody has several clinics available to service the Las Vegas area. Please call for details.


Office Hours:
Please call for Appointments and availability


Culver City Office

Dr. Brody has his primary Practice in downtown Culver City. Please call for details.


Office Hours:
Please call for Appointments and availability:  appointments are available most week days from 10-5pm

About Culver City Surgical Specialists

The Culver City Surgical Specialists specialize in more than just podiatry. Other areas of specialty include:
• Gastroenterology/GI
• General Surgery
• Gynecology
• Head/Neck Surgery
• Orthopedic surgery
• Pain Management
• Podiatry
• Cosmetic Surgery
• Spine Surgery

The specific types of procedures performed by the Culver City Surgical Specialists include:
• Ankle Surgery
• Colonoscopy
• Shoulder Surgery
• Knee Surgery
• Cosmetic Surgery: Breast augmentations, liposuction, rhinoplasty
• Epidural Steroid Injection
• Endoscopic spine surgery
• Foot Surgery
• Gynecological
• Hand Surgery
• Spine Surgery
• Ear Nose and Throat


As a Board Certified Podiatric specialist in Culver City, I believe our patients deserve to have the information necessary to make informed decisions about their foot and ankle care. Our goal is to educate each patient and begin a relevant treatment program with the highest quality of care available.

Whatever your foot and ankle trouble, we’ll work together to find the answers that will comfort you and bring you relief. We take pride in providing you with a comfortable office experience. Our qualified staff is friendly and will ensure a pleasant visit. Dr. Brody’s standard of practice is reflective in his staff’s professionalism and knowledge; some have been with the doctor for over 20 years.

• Laser equipment to treat fungus on toenails
• Digital X-Ray facilities
• Fluoroscan motion equipment
• Surgery Center (Onsite)

Benefits of Visiting Dr. Brody, D.P.M.
• Minor and major foot surgery performed onsite in a private operating room in at Culver City Surgical Specialists
• Board-certified, California-licensed podiatrist and podiatric surgeon
• Treatment for bunions, ingrown toenail, hammertoes, nail fungus, calluses, corns, heel pain, foot and ankle injuries, warts, among many other foot problems
• Custom fitted orthotics for any type of shoe
• Se habla Español
• Same-day appointments available at multiple offices throughout the greater Los Angeles area
• Serving patients of all ages
• Most major health insurance plans accepted